Being friends with the staff at Benedictine

Going to Benedictine you will realize that everyone here is super friendly and even if you don’t know them more than likely they will say hi to you or give you a smile. That is one of the reasons why I choose Benedictine was for how friendly everyone is to one another, like when I was getting my tour as a senior in high school people were saying hi to me and the tour guide giving me the tour. Another great thing I realized at Benedictine is the staff is just as friendly as the students. The professors go out of there way to know you as a person and by your name not just as a student, but another thing that surprised me is some of my teachers from freshman year recognizes me still and I’m about to be a junior. Also you will even see professors meeting some of their students at Coal Ben or krasa just to catch up over a meal on campus which is awesome! Another nice thing is the advisors are just as friendly, there more than willing to sit down and help you even if there not your advisor anymore or they will just have a nice conversation asking how your day is. This is highly uncommon at a big school and something Benedictine really does have and something I really enjoy. I also have to say after working in admissions and getting to truly know the advisors I would have to say there great people and people I can truly sit down and just talk with or get a quick bite of food with which is awesome! This is just one of the many benefits Benedictine provides to there students and something that really got me pulled in and enjoy my college experience even more!


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