Finding a Summer Job

Summer is right around the corner and if you are like me, this means you have to leave your current job but can’t afford to go months with no income. So how do you go about getting a job for the summer? Here are some helpful tips.

1. Start looking for jobs early. You need to be looking like yesterday. Get on it. When summer officially starts, many places that are hiring are going to get a flood of applications. You want to beat the rush, this will increase your likelihood of actually getting hired .

2. Have a rock star resume. If you don’t know how to make one, you can get help with this in the student success center. Make sure to include unique things about yourself, and list skills that you have practiced that other people will find valuable. Be different from all the, “I have great people skills” applications that are landing on the managers’ desks.

3. Apply places that will need more help during summer months. Places like ice cream shops, pools, golf courses, and many more have a busy season in summer. They will be the ones needing extra help. You will be more likely to be hired there than some place that is much busier in the winter months.

4. Hand in your application to the manager themselves. Many places have online applications now and so you can’t always do this anymore. However, if the application is on a real piece of paper and you are going to hand it in, ask to see the manager and give it directly to them. Talking to the manager may be a little nerve-wrecking, it will let them know that you are serious about the job. If you do this, dress nice! First impressions are important.

5. Follow up. After turning in your application, sometimes you will hear nothing back for a while. This doesn’t mean you can’t get the job, it simply means you should pick up the phone and call them first. They won’t think it’s annoying, they will think that you are serious about getting this job and appreciate your persistence.

6. If you get an interview, dress nicely and practice some things you might want to say before-hand. There are some questions that managers often ask. For example, you will probably be asked something about your strengths or what sets you apart for everybody else. Think about this before hands you will not have to make up and answer on the spot but can give a genuine answer.

7. Remember, if you don’t get this job it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty more out there. Just keep applying and eventually you will be able to find something.

Good luck!(:


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