Dressing Appropriately: What Does it Mean?

As we get older, it’s important to take into consideration how we present ourselves in the world. It’s great to express yourself and be comfortable in what you’re wearing, but that doesn’t mean you have to look outrageous or like you just got off the streets.  As you enter the adult world, it’s important to start dressing appropriately for your body type. When you are young you can get away with most things, but eventually you’re going to have to learn how to look professional so people will take you seriously. Here are a few mishaps I’ve noticed around campus that can easily be fixed:

1) It’s too tight! I am a firm believer that the most important thing about clothes is how they fit you. They could be any style, any fashion, but if it doesn’t fit right, it doesn’t look good. If your stomach is popping out of your shirt and it’s not supposed to, you need to be aware of this and know that it’s not professional. Even if you have the most amazing body in the entire world, if your clothing is too clingy, it will look trashy. The clothes you put on should not be like a second layer of skin. They should accent the parts of your body, not make them pop out.

2) Showing too much skin. This is obviously for the ladies. Showing everything you have will not give you the right kind of attention. Low-cut tops, “short shorts”, or crop tops should be worn wisely. Should you wear it when you go out? Sure. Should you wear it to class? Probably not. If you’re showing off leg, wear a conservative top. If you’re showing off your upper body, wear something longer on the bottom.

3) Sweatpants don’t need to be worn everyday. Is it really that hard to throw some jeans on once in a while? It will probably make you feel better about yourself anyways. Wearing baggy clothing tends to give off a vibe that you don’t really care. This is fine a few days a week, but if you’re sending that vibe all of the time, people can take you less seriously. However, if your an athlete going back and forth to practice, this rule applies more loosely to you.

4) Slippers are not actually shoes. I have definitely been guilty of this one. Sometimes they feel so comfortable that putting on normal shoes seems insane. But at the end of the day, if you’re trying to impress someone one or are around other professionals, wearing slippers outside of your house or dorm can come across in a bad way.

5) Leggings. They are NOT pants. I see this everywhere. Leggings are meant to be worn with something longer on top. You shouldn’t be throwing any old t-shirt over them and walking around. This is fine on a lazy day, but for work or other busy days, wearing leggings and a normal shirt never really looks put together.

How you dress is ultimately a reflection of who you are so it’s important not to blow if off. When you get out into the professional world, those scandalous dresses or booty shorts are not going to apply. It’s very possible to look cute while still looking professional. Happy dressing!



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