Don’t slack at the end

I know many students when they reach the end of the year they start to lose there ambition to do homework or study for test but you can’t do that!! As a student I know that feeling of just not having the energy of doing homework, making study guides or typing those papers but you have to. If you don’t keep on top of your school work it is the easiest way for your grade to drop and in the end give you that lower GPA. As a college student you have to push yourself and keep the homework and study train going. If you have to do homework with a buddy or make a checklist for the end of the year so once you complete these things you will see the list getting shorter and overall make you feel like your accomplishing more in a faster amount of time. For myself the checklist method works really well and keeps me on top of what i have to accomplish before finals come around. Also stay on top of going to class don’t skip for dumb reasons because professors pay attention and if your on the boarder of an A or a B going to class could make that professors choice to round your grade based on attendance. These are just a few things that can help you receive better grades and stay focused when the end of the year is just a grab away.


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