Myths About Finals Week

The end of the year is finally here, and if you didn’t think you were busy before, you most definitely are now. A lot of people coming into college think finals week is super intimidating. I always freak myself out during finals week but then realize I had no reason to go insane. Here a few myths I’ve busted pertaining to finals week:

1) It’s the most stressful week of the year: I actually find finals week to be kind of relaxing. Really all you have to do is study and take a few tests. If you’re lucky, some of your classes won’t even have finals. My personal opinion is that the weeks leading up to finals are the most stressful because all of your teachers are trying to cram in their last tests and assignments. You don’t have to worry about going to class so you might even have down time to hangout with people you won’t see for the summer.

2) You have to pull all-nighters: This is a typical college stereotype. Your best studying is not going to be done in the wee hours of the morning. If you’re cramming for your final the night before the test and you don’t get enough sleep, you’re doing it wrong. How are you supposed to recall anything you studied if you’re dead tired? You’re best studying is done in smaller increments (3o minutes) with frequent breaks in between.

3) All your classes will have finals exams: Many times professors will choose not to have a traditional cumulative exam during finals week. They might choose instead to have you do a project or presentation. Many times the final may not be on what you learned all semester, but will just cover what you learned since your last test.

4) The final is everything: Many people who are on the borderline with grades going into the final tend to freak out about their grade on the final. If you bomb the final, yes it will affect your grade, but if you put a lot of effort into it and do your absolute best, chances are you’ll get the grade you need. Many professors even bump students up a grade at the end for participating in class or if they know they work hard. Don’t go crazy with percentages and numbers to calculate your final grade. Half of the time the scores posted online aren’t even correct.

5) You can’t have fun during finals week: Of course you can have fun. It’s your last week of school! You won’t be studying every second of it, so make time for your friends that you’ll miss when you’re out of school. You’re going to need them to take away some of the stress. I always have more time than I think I do during finals week.

Stay stress free and happy studying :).


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