Cleaning up and getting out!

Its nearing the end of the school year and students are getting ready to take finals and eventually move out. With moving out of the dorms comes the process of packing and cleaning. If you are one who brought their entire life with them to school you are sure to have a great number of things to pack and account for. But if you are more simplistic then you should have no problem with this process.

Cleaning out your dorms and apartments can be a very stressful event, but with proper planning and the right know how you can execute the perfect move. If you find that you have a lot of things to pack then it would be a great idea to get a idea of what you really want and things that you can do without. Doing a little spring cleaning before it is time to move out will eliminate stress and unnecessary junk that you don’t need. Getting rid of old clothes, empty containers, notebooks and supplies that you are not using anymore will lighten your load when it comes time to move.

  • Sorting your clothes in piles of what you are keeping, what you can give away and ones that are garbage reduces the amount of cothing you are taking home. Finding a donation store or Goodwill to give them to is always an option.
  • What books are you keeping? This semester you purchased a number of books, figuring out which ones you are keeping and which ones you can sell or throw out or give away is a good idea to get rid of them.
  • Do you really need your study guide from bio? You earned an A in your bio class, but do you need to keep the study guide for the first quiz? A lot of times the answer is no, but if you plan on advancing in your major or feel you may need it, then feel free to keep it. Keeping all of your work and papers from classes just adds to the clutter you have to pack.

Cleaning up your room in preparation for moving out, though it may be a little work, will definitely save you a bunch of time when it does come time to move out. Its all about organization and knowing what you are taking home. Starting early will help ease the process and put less stress on you.


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