Opportunities provided to you during the summer

The summer is coming near and within about a month left of school we will be off hitch-hiking to different parts of the world. But for those who want to make money while on summer break or to just experience something you here are some things you all can do.

1. Do a summer research project with one of the professors here on campus => this not only will give you a nice experience, but you will also be paid for your contribution towards the research project

2. You can also apply and work at the Admissions Office throughout the summer. With this you will be able to help the counselors with events such as Admitted Students Day, Daily Tours, etc.

3. You can also volunteer at a hospital, rehabilitation center, pet center, police office, etc. This will not only help you see the insight of what your interest is in becoming. But this will also help you kick start your senior year process of getting your observations hours in and your clinical work too.

4. Go be a camp counselor, help out at summer school programs for elementary schools, help with sports at your high school

5. Be an RA on campus


And there is many more opportunities for you to work during the summer. You just have to search for it. But the other alternative to how you can spend your summer in a way that you will remember is by being with your family and going on vacations with friends and family.


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