Finals! Finals! Finals!

There are only two weeks of school left and then finals week is here. These last two weeks of classes are very important. You may have a test within these last two weeks or just a lot of homework or a long paper. It is important to not procrastinate during this time because otherwise you will be stressed out when studying for your finals. Even with the very nice weather we are having it is important to stay on top of everything. Take your books outside and study on one of the benches or lay in the grass. There are plenty of ways that you can study and still be outside in the nice weather. Also, get a lot of sleep. Making sure you get a good night sleep before a test is almost as important as studying several days before the test. Your brain works a lot better when it is well rested. Get breakfast on the days of your finals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the best food here at Benedictine is the breakfast at Coal Ben, so might as well get breakfast. Its a win, win! In the end, stay relaxed, study hard but not too hard and do well on all your finals.

Good Luck!!


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