Making it as a Commuter

With graduation around the corner, I have done a lot of reflecting (I know, I know- it’s cheesy, but true nonetheless- I digress). I can honestly say that I made the most of my time here and despite being a commuter have gotten the complete college experience. Who wants their pre-graduation reflection to reflect there is a collegiate void?!? So here are five (four for guys) easy steps for commuters to follow to ensure they have a quality time here.

  • Eat at Krasa: We’ve all heard about the freshman 15, and one of the perks about being a commuter is that you’re not susceptible to this trend. Despite having our full kitchens and homemade food only a drive away, make an effort to eat at Krasa. Try to find a friend to swipe you and have lunch with people that you normally wouldn’t eat with.
  • Go to social events: Benedictine prides itself in the involvement its students; a large majority of its students are involved in extracurricular activities and are active in clubs. Despite involvement in clubs, attend events of other clubs and social events such as Club Ben or sporting events. This is a great way to de-stress and have a great time with your peers.
  • Spend the night with a friend: Most of my memorable times here at Benedictine have been late night snack, chat, movie, and hangout sessions with my friends. As comfortable as your bed at home may be, leave it for the night and experience what it’s like to live on campus.
  • Stay on campus for a “snow day” “freeze day” “rain day” whatever the reason be for our day off: Without a doubt, my favorite memory is spending my weather related days off with my friends. An entire day of homework, classes, work and stress is replaced by the day off filled with spontaneous fun- doesn’t get any better than that!
  • Sleepover in the lounge as a freshman: Last but not least, girls, have a sleepover in the lounge of Jaeger. What could possibly be better than a huge slumber party?!? Not much, I promise!

One’s undergraduate collegiate experience is supposed to be their most memorable and formative time- for commuters and residents alike. Being a commuter may make it difficult for one to have such an experience, but it can happen…you just have to make it happen! Benedictine is a great place with great people, celebrate and cherish your time here because before you know it you will be gone.


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