Why does the Easter Bunny Lay Eggs?

I come from a Christian family so I am very familiar with the concept of Easter. I am not a religious person but I was told that we celebrate Easter because of the resurrection of Christ. With that being said, I have had many years of Easter Egg hunts and going to bed early so that the “Easter Bunny” could set up the night before and was wondering what does a bunny laying eggs have to do with Christ’s resurrection. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize that a bunny walking around and laying eggs filled with candy for me to hide was a weird concept; however, as a 19-year-old, I have no idea how I ever fell for it and was wondering where this idea even came from.

Both a rabbit and eggs are symbolic for the fertility of new life and originally, Easter comes from a Pagan holiday that celebrated the ending of a dark winter and the new life in spring. The story behind the holiday for Pagans was that the goddess of fertility, Eostra, who could transform into  hare whenever she wanted, found an injured bird. To save the birds life she turned it into a hare, then the hare walked around laying eggs, an ability it kept from previously being a bird. Then the hare-bird-thing, because it was so thankful, laid colored eggs at her feet one day every year- Easter. Weird, but that’s the story.

To be completely honest, from my reading it doesn’t seem like Easter celebrations really don’t have much to do with Christianity. Since Christ came back to life and it’s full of symbols of new life, there is a connection there; however, for the most part, the celebrations come from Pagan holidays. When Christianity was first becoming popular, it kept some of the traditions from other religions. This tradition has just stuck around a very long time.

So next time you go on an Easter Egg hunt or bite into a chocolate bunny, you will know where these symbols came from!(:




That’s where I got my information, if you wanna read more about it yourself(:


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