It’s Wonderful Outside


Now that it is finally so nice outside, take advantage of it! It’s time to close your laptop, turn off the Xbox, and take a step outside! Ways to take advantage of this beautiful weather include:

Do your homework outside. Very few people have been doing this lately and I believe that there should be more people taking advantage of the nice weather even if they are over loaded with school work that they need to get done. Just because you don’t have the free time to leave your studies does not mean that you can’t enjoy the weather while being productive.

Go support a team. Baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, whatever interests you, go out and cheer for them! Even if you aren’t that into sports, it is still a good time to socialize and just have fun in this weather. I have been to more baseball games in the past week than I have in my entire life. I am not a big baseball girl, but I have enjoyed every moment of watching our boys play while talking with my friends.

Take the long way. There is no reason to cut through Kindlon when walking from Jager to Ondrak or Abbeywood. No reason to cut through Krasa when getting from Founders to Jager. Enjoy the weather when you walk from place to place. A few weeks ago you could have been bundled up in a NorthFace and rushing from building to building, now you can take the routes where there are less indoor stops. You can also slow down your speed and enjoy the fresh air.

Go Play! You’re never too old to go outside and throw a ball or frisbee around! Turn off the TV, grab some friends and get out there! You will be able to get some exercise in while taking advantage of how lovely it is outside!

There are so many more ways to take advantage of the nice weather. Whatever you do for the time being, find a way to do it outside. Winter kept us indoors way too long!



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