Moving out of your dorm

I think all girls can relate and even guys that over the semester the stuff in your dorm can become a little much… For example I have snow gear in my room and its April kind of a problem. So when it comes to the last month of school there are some things I recommend.

1: Start packing! This may seem crazy but that month is going to fly by specially with finals. Also start separating your things with your roommates because throughout the year a lot of belonging get mixed in with one another. Another thing is bring clothes home over easter break! Thats two weeks before the semester ends and use it! Around that time I bring most of my winter clothes home like my jacket, winter sweaters some of my thicker pants. This weather has been a little crazy so I would recommend keeping a few hoodies and sweats on campus.

For people out of state something I really recommend is renting a storage locker! than you can keep your belongings in there that you don’t need over summer and can make going back home a lot cheaper. Also over these breaks bring your extra stuff home like things you don’t need for the last few weeks of the semester. I also start to take stuff off the wall like pictures and posters because again these aren’t needed for the rest of the year.I would also recommend investing in bins to keep your items in that you don’t use at home to keep them out of the way and put away. It is also nice to when the end of the year is approaching is stay on top of cleaning because it will make the moving out process a lot easier. These are just to help with moving out and to make the process a little easier!


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