Knowing where to cut corners in college

Being a college student comes with many responsibilities. One of them is knowing how to shop and live on a budget. Bargain shopping becomes part of your daily life while in college. A lot of students may think that they have to have to most expensive item in order for it to be of any good quality-that is not always the case. A lot of times you can buy something that is cheaper than the “name” brand version and still find it to be of the same quality.

One place that you can save a great deal of money is where and what you buy at the grocery store. For a lot of products you can find that the store brand works just as well as the name brand. Most name brand products have a store brand or a less expensive version of essentially same product.

When looking for things to do on and around campus try looking for school sponsored events. A lot of time there are free events that are put on for students. Out in the community local businesses may offer student discounts. Look for events and programs that are aimed at saving students money.

I know it may be hard to refrain from shopping and spending all of your money at the local mall, but that may be your best bet. You’re in college to get an education, its not a fashion show. Yes you can dress great and go out and spend your hard earned money on new clothes..just don’t make spending ALL of your money at the mall.

As a college student you don’t have to go out of your way to try and have the best and newest of things. Trying to live above your means may lead you to not having enough for the basics. Try coming up with a list of ways you can save money while still meeting your basic necessities.


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