Broke college student

Many college students face the issue of either being broke or for some of the lucky ones coming into school with all there summer work money saved up (which was def. not me). I know when I came in as a freshman I had all my graduation money saved up from my party and within two months it was gone and I was calling my parents like I was 13 again. There are somethings you can do to prevent this that I really recommend.
1- find a job on campus- Here at Benedictine there is hundreds of jobs available for students and they are very flexible due to class and having to put that first.
2- is online shopping really necessary?- I know as a freshman I realized forever 21 would be my best friend but not my bank accounts, limit yourself to how much unnecessary items you buy. Treating yourself is always good but make sure it isn’t every week.
3- grocery shopping for your dorm- I think we can all agree that Target is the best store in the world but once your on a college budge it can be dangerous… I recommend more affordable stores like Aldi where you can get the same things but for cheaper or even the dollar store. Me and my roommates get all our cleaning supplies at the dollar store due to it being the same product just half the price.
4- Eating out- Limit yourself I know this was my weakness freshman year also less eating out prevents the freshman 15.
5- Attend the free activities on campus- Take advantage of the free movies, bowling, concerts anything really. gives you the chance to have fun but not spend any of your own money which is awesome!
Overall College is a dangerous place for a wallet but if you learn to control yourself and take advantage of free events you will have no problem keeping some money in your pocket.


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