Becoming a Student Ambassador

We have received some questions about how to  get to where we are, whether it’s blogging, giving tours, or working on the days in which future students visit. I’m here to help you all out to become a member of our family here!

First of all, we work in the Admissions Department in Lownik Hall, which is next to Birck if you are walking in the Quad. As Student Ambassadors, we work under the amazing Brittney Marshall, our Coordinator of Enrollment Events. You can either send her an email at her BenU email or even walk up to the front desk here in Lownik and ask for her by name. This opens the topic up for asking how to become a Student Ambassador.

If you are hired for the job, it begins to open up opportunities to blog, make calls to prospective students, and work all of the events that are offered through admissions! We also get first notice of when applications will be available for working Welcome Weekend for the new freshmen as New Student Ambassadors, so that we are able to help them feel comfortable during their first few days on campus.

As I said, talking to Brittney is the first step, and after that is filling out the applications that are required, which are mostly just about getting to know what kind of person you are and how you can benefit our group, as well as the incoming students we work with. After that, it’s all about what you’re interested in working, what your schedule availability looks like, and what you are most comfortable with. The job is pretty laid back and fun, and compared to a lot of the other jobs on campus, it is very flexible with your schedule.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave some comments or email Brittney if you are interested for the upcoming year, we enjoy having new people all the time!


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