Whats around the corner?

Hey guess what’s coming up?…. that’d right summer! The school year is almost over just three more weeks of school left. Can you believe it? Now, I know that everyone is super excited for school to be over and very tired out by the end of the year but its almost over. Stay strong and ready because finals is on it’s way. A lot of people start to get lazy and have poor work ethic around this time be you have to continue to sustain your A or B that you worked so hard to get, don’t ruin it just because you began feel it is the end of the year and you don’t need to go to class, here are some tips to keep you going so that you may uphold that grade you’ve been waiting for:

  1. Write down important due dates for classes
  2. Continue to study so that when finals come you will be prepared
  3. Write little notes of inspiration to keep yourself upbeat
  4. Go to class!!
  5. Turn in all of your work

I hope these tips help you continue to keep that grade you want at the end of the year!


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