Getting Finals Figured Out

Now that the semester is coming to a close, the always dreaded Finals Week is looming in the near distance. It’s good to have an idea of when your finals are now, that way you can plan your schedule around studying, and even take off work like I did (you’ll need the study time). You can typically find a finals schedule on the Academic Calendar link on the Academics section of the school website. If it seems confusing, overwhelming, or just hasn’t been updated for the current semester, you can definitely look on MyBenU under the Enrollment section, then click on View My Exam Schedule.
It is really important to do this early enough to make sure that everything is arranged so that you are not overloaded. Some classes offer take-home finals, presentations, or lack of a final altogether, so it is important to ask your teacher what will be planned for that week and whether or not you need to come to class at all. Most classes, however, have a final exam that is either cumulative of all of the course’s information or just a last exam, if you’re lucky it will be the second option.
You also want to make sure that you don’t have more than 3 final exams on one day, because the university has to make arrangements to move at least one of the exams for you. If you feel overwhelmed having 3 exams on one day, you can also ask the teacher if there is any other arrangement you can make to take the exam on a different day. Teachers are more flexible if the exams are not cumulative, and I have had a teacher offer to schedule something to accommodate for an exam that was of a much higher difficulty level.
All in all, make sure you are organized and ready to take your finals when the week comes. And don’t forget, you get to leave for summer break at the end of the week!

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