What You Need in Your Dorm For a Cold

I am recently recovering from a nasty sinus cold and from it I’ve learned that I should have had my dorm stocked up with much more supplies. I somehow avoided sickness this entire year, but the weather change hit me and I ended up with super clogged up sinuses during the week I had an important test and track meet. It was no help that the only thing I had in my room to deal with it was a plentiful supply of tissue. This inspired me to write a list of things I wish I would have had so I could have been a little less miserable all week:

  • NyQuil/DayQuil: Especially the NyQuil since sleeping was quite difficult because I couldn’t breathe from my nose. It would have been nice to have my own instead of having to steal from my boyfriend and teammates.
  • Claritin D: I’m convinced that this is a miracle drug. Out of everything I have taken for congestion, this is by far the best at clearing me out.
  • Portable tissue packs: Having to sit in class blowing your nose into a large bathroom paper towel is not exactly fun. Either is lugging around a large tissue box around a track meet because I didn’t have a smaller pack. You never know when your nose is going to leak so you need to be prepared.
  • Cough Drops: They make coughing more bearable and I think they taste delicious.
  • Campbell’s To-Go Soup: Pop these babies in the microwave and let the steam clear you sinuses and/or enjoy the delicious taste. I’m a big tomato basil fan.
  • Tylenol: This can help with those aches and pains from being sick and also bring a fever down. The nurses also hand this out 🙂
  • Gatorade: Being sick dehydrates you so it’s important to drink a lot. Especially things like Gatorade with a lot of electrolytes.

Remember to be courteous and always sneeze and cough into your arm. Always Lysol your room for your roommate as well 🙂 Have a healthy April!


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