Updates on the Malaysia Airline Flight 370

We have been hearing about the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 that has been missing for over one month now and still we haven’t found the plane itself. Now there are new leads that suggest that the aircraft might be somewhere deep withing the Indian Ocean. There still hasn’t been much evidence that has really pinpointed the exact location of where this aircraft could possibly be at. There has been a fifth possible signal about the whereabouts of this plane.

There was search plane that detected a possible signal from a locator beacon from the missing jet’s black box. The data was detected by an RAAF AP-3C Orion aircraft on Thursday, in which Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said that the data showed “potential of being from a man-made source”.

The National Transportation Safety Board Managing Director Peter Goelz who is the CNN aviation analyst, he said that the issue that they are seemingly having at this moment is that it looks like there was somebody in the cockpit that was directing the plane and directing the plane away from the land.

Now the search is being conducted in the Indian Ocean. There are up to 10 military aircraft, four civil air and 13 ships that are searching for this aircraft. This aircraft also is carrying 239 people and has been missing since March 8th which has left Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia and was heading to Beijing. There are 3 vessels that are underwater. There has been numerous objects that have been found but none of them lead to the missing aircraft.

Its Day 34 of the search and Houston said that the locator beacon is getting weaker and its certified to emit high-pitched signals for only 30 days and after that it starts getting wet. Houston said that the signals are getting weaker and it could be a possibility that while we are searching we may be either moving away from the search area or the batteries may be dying.

So far the search is still going and the aircraft is still in the deep oceans of the Indian Ocean. Hopefully we start getting legit evidence that we can actually link to the Flight 370 and hopefully find this missing plane that everyone has been praying for to be found. And to have the families finally get their loved ones back.



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