Lacey Holsworth, friend of MSU’s Adreian Payne, has died

Lacey, 8 years old, the biggest fan of college basketball, passed away  due to cancer in her neurons.  Adreian Payne is a college student that plays for Michigan state.  He first met Lacey when he went to visit her in the hospital and they clicked right away. She became his lucky charm in every game.  Battling neurological cancer, it did not stop her from going to the games.  Adreian always made her feel special, especially when Michigan State won Championship, he let her cut the basket.

Michigan State's Adreian Payne and Princess Lacey's friendship will warm your soulTheir unbreakable bond was showed in every game and every event that they attended together.  When Adreian heard the news of her passing, he was devastated, broken and deeply saddened.  When I was reading this article it broke my heart because thinking of an 8 year old passing away from cancer is a huge thing to wrap around. It is amazing  to see the courage and the fight that this little girl put up. Unfortunately, she could not win the fight.  R.I.P Lacey, you are in a better place now.


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