Making the Best of Your Summer!

Since school is coming to a close, it’s a good idea to start thinking about all of your possible upcoming summer plans. Whether this includes lounging by a pool, going on vacation, taking summer classes, or even working all day every day it is good to have a general understanding of how you want to spend your time.

For myself, I plan to take a few elective courses to lighten my school-year load, work two part-time jobs, and do some shadowing of doctors at the hospital in my hometown. Summer jobs are a great way to save up money for the school year if you need to pay tuition costs, buy a car, can’t work during the school year, or if you just want some money to be able to spend on fun nights with friends. The key to working during the summer is to make sure that you still have free-time to enjoy yourself, because it is supposed to be a break from the stress of the school year.

If you plan to take summer classes, you should make sure that you explore all of your options, since there are so many different types of classes offered.  As of next summer, the only summer classes accepted at Benedictine will be those taken through the university itself, therefore there will not be any courses accepted from community colleges. While this will limit some students, the university is making extra efforts for those who cannot attend in-class lectures by offering blended courses (online information with in-class exams) and completely online courses. Taking classes over the summer allows students to make room for other courses during the school year, especially if you have multiple majors or minors. It is essential to make time to study for these courses, since they are shorter and go by much quicker than normal.

Now we get to the most important part of summer: relaxing and fun. I have found myself losing the days in past summers, because if there is nothing that needs to be done everyday, you stop paying attention to what day it is. While this is a great feeling, it is important to keep track of how much time you have left before the school year begins again, since it always seems to sneak up on people. Having a job or taking summer classes is a sure-fire way to at least keep track of what week it is.

Overall, I hope you have a great summer that makes up for the stress that comes with classes and finals during the school year. Enjoy the heat, sun, and any vacations you might be taking!


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