How to make your meal plan last

A lot of students their freshmen year and even upper classmen tend to run out of meals of munch money very quickly before the semester ends and they are stuck begging for swipes to eat at the end of the year. Here are some easy tips on how to save your meals and munch so you don’t end up like those begging students but instead be the one they are begging to.

  • Try to only eat about two to three meals a day- The problem with people, mostly guys is that they don’t know how to use about two to three meals and not to use three or four just to order food. Try to get a meal that is large but less costly.
  • Don’t go to coal Ben a lot- when you go there a lot you end of spending a lot, Krasa is a area to eat and you only pay one meal for a bunch of food because it’s buffet style.
  • Everyone is your friend when you have meals- Don’t swipe for everyone, swipe for maybe one or two people but not all the time. When you swipe for everyone it takes away from your meals and then you’ll be left with nothing in the end and you don’t want that to happen.
  • Lastly, when going to the Cafe in Kindlon don’t go very often. Go when you have a class but you really need to eat something because you didn’t eat breakfast that is when you go, but not all the time.

Hope these tips will help you save some meals and not spend them all in one place!


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