What crazy dream have you had?

Being a student blogger and working in the recruiter room, you hear many hilarious and crazy things. Today the conversation that made me think about this topic to blog about was when I heard two enrollment faculty members were talking about the strangest and scariest dreams that they have had. One of them said they had a dream about being a spy and the other one said they had a dream about being chased by zombies and being shot while in the dream.

Now after listening to this, I started to wonder why don’t I talk about this in my blog today. And so today I wanted to talk about some crazy dreams I’ve had.

One of the scariest dreams I’ve had was when I was hanging out with my friends and all of a sudden out of no where I start getting attacked by some creep who was carrying a gun and was trying to shoot me. I ran so fast that I didn’t really see where I was going and what I might be running into. Within minutes, I slip and am hanging for dear life off a cliff. All of a sudden back to reality my body has that feeling of having a “kick”– just like Inception, how they had a way to make the people wake up from their dreams–and my body moved. In my dream, as I was hanging for dear life, one of my friends appeared to save me.

The next weirdest dream I’ve had was when I was brushing my teeth and when I checked to see if I had any cavities in my mouth. As I moved my tongue across my mouth, I felt like something fell out and when I opened to check what it was, one of my teeth had fallen out. Then couple seconds later I did it again and more of my teeth started to fall out. By the end of it all my teeth had fallen out. In reality, this totally freaked my out and so I woke up in the  middle of the night and checked my own teeth to make sure I had all of them in my mouth. Hahaha I know this sounds so weird and funny at the same time, but I tell ya it was so scary. I thought I was gonna have to had dentures of something.

If you would like to share some of your crazy, weird, scary dreams comment this blog and share it 🙂


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