How to get along with your roommate.

If you are rooming with your friends then you should not have to worry about getting along with your roommates. Although it is always nice to hear some tips on roommate etiquette. A lot of people get random roommates and if you and your random roommate don’t become best friends it is still important to be respectful. Everyone has their right to privacy.
First things first. When you find out who your roommate is, determine what each of you are bringing. There is no need for two of everything. Although two TVs can be nice if you want to watch TV and play video games at the same time.
Another important thing to do right away if you do not automatically click with your random roommate is to lay down some ground rules.
Rule 1: Decide what foods are to be shared and which foods are strictly yours’
Rule 2: Find out what their class schedule is. This is important because if your roommate has an 8am every morning they probably are not going to want you to be playing video games until 3 in the morning or having people over late at night.
Rule 3: Make small talk with your roommate. Nothing is worse than an awkward room of silence. Who knows maybe you will find out that you have common interests and become good friends.

Hopefully some of these tips help you get along with your random roommate or even your roommate that is a friend!


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