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Getting Over The Rainy Day Blues!

Its that time of year again-spring time! And everyone knows how the saying goes, “April Showers bring May flowers”. With this being a pretty promising statement, it is important to be prepared for those rainy days this spring. The weather conditions may not be  ideal for outside activities, but there are a lot of things that will keep you more than busy while the showers pass through.

Just because it is raining outside does not mean that your day just ended. Sure, a nap sounds like the perfect thing to do during a storm, but there is more to life than sleeping..YES, TAKE THAT IN! THERE IS MORE TO YOUR COLLEGE CAREER THAN JUST SLEEPING lol. Don’t just sit around while it rains, get up and do something. Board games, movie nights, study groups, homework…YES HOMEWORK, cleaning and organizing your books and class work or simply just talk with friends.

  • Getting a heads start on your work for the week on rainy days lowers the amount of stress on you and all the rushing to get things done.
  • If its raining and you have a little free time a movie night is always a great idea! Movies like Mean Girls, Despicable Me and Step Brothers are all crowd pleasers.
  • The gym is always a great place to go when the weather is not so ideal for being outside. You can run, jump, lift and bike without any rain drops falling on you….the walk from the gym is a different story.
  • Plan some time for you and your friends to just relax. Take a way the stress of school and work and just have some fun. Whether that’s just talking or going out for some fun, make it your own.

There’s no reason to let the rain get in the way of you having fun. Yes you may be limited on what activities you can do outdoors, but the skies the limit when it comes to indoor activities.


Students living below the line!

Its no secret that the students here at Benedictine take every opportunity they can to help others. Whether that be with relief efforts, providing funds for disasters or going on mission trips, they all benefit people who are not as fortunate as the students here. Recently students have been bringing attention to the number of individuals that are in mass poverty and living way below the standards of most americans. Harjot is a senior and with fellow students have taken the pledge to live “Below the Line” for 5 days. What is the line exactly, its living on $7.50 for 5 days.  Students are able to choose the organization of their choice and through donations they are able to raise awareness about poverty.

The reason why students are participating in Live Below The Line, but the ultimate goal is the same-to bring awareness and raise money for persons living in poverty throughout the world. Through these efforts students participating are directly impacted. A lot of students are aware of the inequality between countries, but do not have an idea of what it feels like to have to live in those conditions. Participating in Live Below the Line allows students to get a hands on approach to a cause that is affecting so many.

Students at Benedictine are always eager to get involved and help out whenever they can. The efforts of Live Below the Line are helping those who are currently living below the poverty line and not able to get the recommended nutritional values. With the continued efforts of the students and Live Below the Line, the number of persons living in poverty can be reduced.

If you would like to be a part of the effort and give a donation, feel free to click the link below. Every bit helps. No amount is too little!

Track & Field Conference Championships This Weekend!

On Friday May 2nd and Saturday May 3rd, your Benedictine Track & Field team will be hosting the NACC conference championships. This is especially exciting since our biggest meet of the season will be at home this year. That means more chances for you to come out and support! Things kick-off on Friday around 10:30 A.M. with most preliminaries on the track, but you can also see some exciting races like the steeplechase ( my favorite and what I’ll be racing) and the 10k. Saturday is when the rest of the events go off such as the 5k, 1500, and finals for the 800, sprints, and hurdles. Another great reason to come out is our amazing throwers, who do extremely well in conference every year and medal in many areas. You can also come watch Billy Sipek do the high-jump, especially since he went to Nationals and was named an All-American for indoor conference (no big deal). We also have many other athletes looking to place in conference for their events who need your cheering. In case you haven’t heard, our men’s team has won the conference championships two years in a row now, and they’re going for a third this year so your support is extremely important. You can even watch baseball and track at the same time from the top of the stadium :). All in all, we’ve been working our butts off since January and now it’s finally time to prove that all of it has paid off. So wish your Eagles luck and come out to cheer!

Being friends with the staff at Benedictine

Going to Benedictine you will realize that everyone here is super friendly and even if you don’t know them more than likely they will say hi to you or give you a smile. That is one of the reasons why I choose Benedictine was for how friendly everyone is to one another, like when I was getting my tour as a senior in high school people were saying hi to me and the tour guide giving me the tour. Another great thing I realized at Benedictine is the staff is just as friendly as the students. The professors go out of there way to know you as a person and by your name not just as a student, but another thing that surprised me is some of my teachers from freshman year recognizes me still and I’m about to be a junior. Also you will even see professors meeting some of their students at Coal Ben or krasa just to catch up over a meal on campus which is awesome! Another nice thing is the advisors are just as friendly, there more than willing to sit down and help you even if there not your advisor anymore or they will just have a nice conversation asking how your day is. This is highly uncommon at a big school and something Benedictine really does have and something I really enjoy. I also have to say after working in admissions and getting to truly know the advisors I would have to say there great people and people I can truly sit down and just talk with or get a quick bite of food with which is awesome! This is just one of the many benefits Benedictine provides to there students and something that really got me pulled in and enjoy my college experience even more!

Living in the dorms

About half the people that go to college decide to commute and the other half decided to live in the dorms. Living in a dorm is the most fun thing there is. You meet so many people on campus its ridiculous! The things that go on in the dorms can be very fun such as, the Resident Assistants (RA) put on a lot of activities like bracelet making, football game night, movie night, or dance dance revolution night in the dorms just to give you something to do and also to allow you to meet people on your floor that you may not have ever talked to before.