Spring Time is Here!!!

Are you as excited as I am?!?!? I am so happy for the spring to arrive. the campus is beautiful around this time, the birds are chirping , the weather is starting to not be so cold, the geese are chasing people (RUN JUST RUN!!!), it is great! No more being cooped up in your trying to stay warm, enjoying the air around you. Plus, not to mention, the year is almost OVER!! we have 8 weeks to go and then summer vacation rolls are, this seasons is here to prepare you for the fun that is to come after school is over. To give you a little taste of what you have been missing (something that I have been missing like crazy!). To not freeze my little nose off as I walk outside is the best thing that can ever happen. Things I plan to do while on campus for this season:

  • Take a run
  • Sit on the lawn
  • Play a Basketball game on the court with some friends
  • Play four square
  • Just be outside in general

What will you do now that the weather is nice?!?!?



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