Political Science Majors

The Political Science Department does a very good job at telling you what classes you should take. When dealing with this major it’s best if you take classes that interest you. for example I am taking a class called revolution and Political violence, a lot of people might not like the class because it talks about different countries history of their revolution and how they got to where they are now. If you are person who likes to talk or learn things about revolution this is your class.

Another class that’s really good is a class called Model U.N. what that is, is a class that is a straight discussion class, you basically just talk about the problems in a country picked by the teacher and you talk about how to solve the problem in that country, you write a paper and then if it’s good enough you get to go to New York for like a week which is cool because you get out of classes and it’s New York.  A class that I would take to help get you ready for being a lawyer and get you comfortable with handling and talking through a cases would be their Mock Trial class, you get to compete with other schools in a pretend case and get some experience in a courtroom and things of that sort.

Speech and Writing classes are also very important so that you can build on the skills necessary to be a lawyer, that goes for every major but lawyers in particular.


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