Life After Spring Break!

Its that time of year again; spring break season! Students are rounding up their spring breaks and heading back to school. Many students had a week of down time whether that be on a beach, PCB, Cruise or anywhere warm really. I’m sure school work was the furthest thing from their mind. Spring break is a time for students..and professors to take a break from the stress of winter and school. But every great vacation must come to an end. The first day back to school is always dreaded.

Once spring break is over, reality sets in that you have to go back to school and do actual work. That first day back at school is sometime the hardest after spring break. Getting back into a routine of waking up for classes and having work may be a shock. But I assure you if you can get past that first day you can make the rest of the semester. After spring break classes seam to fly by. Yes the workload may be overwhelming the first couple of weeks back, but usually there are less than 6 weeks to the end of the school year! Now is the time when you want to crack down on your work and make sure everything is being turned in on time and you are not falling behind. No one wants to end the school year on a bad note or hearing that have to complete summer school because their grades were not up to par in the spring. You cam always turn your current grades around if they are not where you want them to be.

When you come back from spring break you should feel refreshed and ready to finish the year off strong. Spring break is just enough time off from school to where you can get away from the work and school life. Coming back with a positive attitude and the mindset of being ready to work will help you stay organized and finish the year off on a good note.


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