The “New Building” being constructed on campus

Many of you students have probably have heard or seen images of the “new building” that will be constructed within a year or so and will be completed in 2015. This new building is going to be known as the  College of Business Building. Most of our prospective and current students are planning or have planned on majoring in business, so what our Campus head has decided is to build a building that will hold those students and engage their learning into the business world, it will enhance the University’s partnership with other universities and corporations around the world. The goal of this new building is to broaden our student’s foundation and create a place for our internationally renowned programs. In doing this, Charles Gregory, executive vice president at Benedictine, believes that “offering our students greatly improved learning facilities and academic programs that are relevant is the right thing to do. We want to improve their college experience and create an atmosphere where they can grow as students and as people.”

So now the plan for constructing this building is going to soon go into play.

Here is some information about our new building that we know:

1. It will have the largest classroom on campus with 600 seats and will be considered to be the biggest lecture room or auditorium on campus that we will have.

2. There will be new electronics displayed in this building such as new computers, new TV screen monitors, etc..

3. Not only will there be new electronics in the new building, but also new furniture as well.

4. It will have magnificent classrooms, study areas, offices, and the state-of-the-art laboratory

5. It will be house the College’s internationally-recognized doctoral programs in Organization Development and Values-Driven Leadership.


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