The Geese are Back!!

Our lovely campus is not only home to many students but in the spring time it is home to many geese and their families. Geese are very territorial when they start nesting which is just around the corner, most likely once we get back from spring break. Geese are also a lot bigger than they appear and can be harmful if you annoy or frighten them. Here are some tips on how to not get the geese mad at you.
1. Don’t antagonize the geese.
2. Keep a safe distance away from the geese.
3. They will only be mean you if you frighten them. (They are easily frightened so just don’t do it.)
4. Stay away from their nests.
5. Don’t try to sound like one because they might get mad at you.
6. If one is walking down the same path as you, walk slowly and let it realize you are there. It will move out of the way.

Just remember that geese are very, very territorial in the spring time and they do not like when other animals (humans) get close to their nests.


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