We love our donors!

Every school has its fair share of donors that make a number of contributions to the school. But  here at Benedictine I like to think we have some of the best donors! Being one of the fastest growing four year catholic universities in the country has a lot to do with our generous donors. The growth of the university could not have been such a success without our donors and their hard work.

Throughout the school year there are what I like to call “donor appreciation days”. These days are meant to recognize and thank our many donors. Stationed somewhere om campus will be people with a HUGE poster that reads “Thank you to our donors”. Students have the option of signing the poster that will be displayed here on campus, and are highly encouraged to…and besides when you sign it you get a free T-shirt. Who doesn’t love free shirts?

No matter if you have any contact with  donor or not, they have a major impact on your college education and experience. Here at Benedictine we encourage our students to thank our donors when they are able to and signing the donor appreciation poster helps capture that spirit.

Have you thanked a donor today?


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