The final countdown!

Nothing is more frustrating that knowing spring break is right around the corner and you can do nothing to speed up the process.  A lot of students find that the time after winter break up until spring break go by the slowest and is the longest stretch of school. They become restless, irritable and their ability to focus on school lessens. But once that wonderful week off of school comes around(spring break), they are at ease about the final stretch of school.

After srping break there is more warm weather, students are a lot happier and the rush of the school year ending motivates them to stay on top of their studies. That last month and a half of school after spring break seams to fly on by. With most of the end of the year being review and smaller assinments in preoaration for the final. If you are fortunate enough to have a professor who gives you your final early or does not schedule classes the week before finals, you can use that down time to catch up with studying for your other classes. Towards the end of the academic year there is a lot of down time for students. This extra time gives you more time to study and prepare for your upcoming finals. Finals week can be very stressful and professors know that!

I’m sure every college student will tell you that the stretch between winter and spring break sucks, but once it passes it is smooth sailing after that. Yes you may feel like its never ending and that spring break can’t come fast enough, but it will all be worth it in the end. After spring break the rest of the year goes by relativity fast and before you know it you’ll have another academic year under your belt. So don’t lose hope, stick with it and stay strong. The end of the semester will sneak up on you quicker than you think!!


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