Missing Malaysian Airplane Flight 370

Some of you might have heard on the news about the missing Malaysian Airplane Flight 370. This plane took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was heading en route to Beijing but lost contact with the help of the air traffic control and within an hour later, it had disappeared off the radar completely. There were about 240 passengers on the plane that are untraceable.  There has been many theories as to what could have happened to this plane and some of them are: maybe the plane got hijacked or bombed, maybe there was an abduction by aliens, landed on an island that was off-radar because there was not enough fuel in the plane, human error on board, and electrical outage, a fire, and the theories are endless. 

Here are some information that we now according to the abcnews.go.com

1. The Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia and was heading for Beijing, China around 12:41 am local time on a Saturday. This was shown on the radar two minutes later.

2. Malaysia’s radar had tracked flight MH370 until 1:20am until the flight dropped off course. At this time the plane was on the route over the South China Sea heading toward the southern tip of Vietnam.

3. The authorities had discovered that there was a flight that showed up on the country’s military defense radar at around 2:15am in the Straits of Malacca, which was hundreds of miles west of where they last contacted their position at and it was far off course and far away from the route to Beijing. They thought that maybe this could be the contact coming from MH370.

4. The military radar showed something on its radar of something taking a u-turn and reversing its course, but they were sure if this was MH370.

5. The engines of the plane were manufactured by Rolls Royce. Malaysian authorities had said that they are working with the Rolls Royce company to try to determine what data MH370″s engines send before it was missing.

6. The strangest thing to the authorities was that the transponders on board of the plane, that transmits the location of the plane, were somehow disabled or turned off. Investigators are looking into this to are wondering how and why the transponders were not functioning.

Searches to find this missing flight are in action right now. Here are some reported sights that some people have told us that might have something to do with the missing plane.

1. There was an oil rig worker off the coast of Vietnam reported seeing a burning object falling into the ocean early Saturday.

2. The Vietnamese authorities took this report and began its search, but they searched the entire area and did not find any evidence of any crash or debris.

3. The authorities in Malaysia are not stopping the search for this missing plane and are going to continue searching for evidence  of what could have happened to Flight 370. There are about 42 ships, 39 aircraft from 12 countries scanning the area in the Straits of Malacca and South China Sea–this is where the plane is last positioned to travel to.

So far this search still continues and so far there has not been any plane parts or signs of passengers found from this flight. 


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