How to get the sticky glue off a pet

Many of you guys probably have a pet back at home and have experienced setting up mouse traps around your house when you have those little furry creatures zipping through you house. Well have you ever wondered what to do when your pet has accidentally been trapped in one of those mouse traps and now has glue on his or her paw or tail. Well I have got the best solution for you.

My cousin had called me two days ago asking me this question and I thought it would be a great idea to blog about this time. So as I went to discover what to do when you are in this kind of situation, it turns out there are many solutions to get the glue off of your pet, but the best one is to use either Canola or Vegetable Oil.

Here are some instructions to follow on how to get rid of the glue that is on your poor little dog.

1. What you have to do is just take either the Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil and rub it on the area that has the glue until it becomes messy.

2. Next you take your regular dog shampoo that you use to clean your dog and wash the area that has the glue and now the oil on it.

3. Wash your dog normally and within minutes your dog will be back to normal with soft fur 🙂

I hope this small and quick advice has now helped all you guys who have faced this problem and just never knew what to do. I hope after doing this quick fix your pet will be all better and fresh 🙂


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