Finding a Summer Job

Everyone has big plans for their summer, but it’s hard to go out and have fun without the money to do so. To avoid the need to turn down plans to go to the mall or a movie, it’s good to look for a good summer job to either let you join in on all the fun or save up for future expenses. I know my goal this summer is to save up enough money to buy a car for next year.

To pick the right job it is important to familiarize yourself with your strengths and weaknesses. If you excess at yard-work and enjoy it, look into a landscaping company; if you are a people person who can handle money, look into retail or your local supermarket. Once you have become acquainted with the skills you excel at and a job that will utilize them, you can begin building a resume to turn into the company.

If you have any trouble putting together a great resume, let’s say you aren’t sure what to include or how long to make it, you can go to the Student Success Center (SCC) in the basement of Krasa and they will walk you through the basics and more complicated details of creating a successful resume to put you ahead of other applicants. They can even help you prepare for the interview that is sure to come if you are contacted.

If you live close to school, there is also the possibility of continuing to work here over the summer. For jobs like ours, there are always tours or visits that require Student Ambassadors to work. You can either look online or contact the SSC for information about what jobs are available and if they will need a worker over the summer. If you already have a job that has several other stores, you can even request to be transferred to one that is closer to you house.

And last, but not least, is that establishing a summer job now can set you up for every summer to come, that way you don’t have to start fresh year after year!


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