Favorite part of a school day

As a youngster, your favorite part of the day was probably recess or lunch. Well, as a college student and probably not that surprising of news, that didn’t really change much for me. My ‘recess’ I would probably consider my cross country/track practice. It’s the best time for me to put school aside and just focus on something I have a passion for and enjoy. I get to be with my team, whom I consider a second family. Trust me, when you’re in a sport, especially running, and you practice day by day enduring the mentally and physically challenging sport along side your teammates who you know are working just as hard and support you, it’s almost impossible to not think of them as family. Since practice is usually at 6:00 a.m., it gets my body started for the rest of the day ahead of me and of course gets those endorphins pumping!

The second favorite part of my day however, is meal times. First off, because I love to eat, but secondly because of all the fun I have with my friends/teammates at my table. Everyday is something new at our table. For instance, we love to play the game psychiatrist. I won’t tell you how exactly the game is played because it’s a special kind of game that the ‘pshchiatrist’ role can only be played once by someone. We also love to take turns taking the quizzes on buzz feed that determine for instance, what pixar movie you are or what era you belong to. Either way, there’s always something going on at our table that keeps things pretty exciting. Even if you are a commuter, I highly recommend eating lunch in the cafeteria when you can! One of my teammates sits with us who’s a commuter and she just brings her lunch. It’s a great time to socialize and most days it beats eating on your own somewhere on campus or going home to eat meals.


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