Switching Roommates

I know that one of the biggest worries about being a freshman who is going to live on campus is who is your roommate going to be. Your roommate is very important to your college experience. You see them all the time and have to put up with all of their bad habits. Your roommate could become your close acquaintance, friend, or maybe even your best friend. Unfortunately sometimes your roommate could also become your enemy. Having a roommate that is your best friend is a blast! But sometimes you guys just will not be able to get along.

When I was living with my first roommate, in the beginning we were kind of quite around each other and then we became closer and closer. It got to a point where we became inseparable. Our personalities were very different though; she was pretty quite and I was loud and outgoing. Unfortunately, we got into one big fight. Then we got into another…. And then another. It got to a point where we were fighting almost every single day. It was exhausting. It got worse and worse, until I realized I had other options. I decided to move out.

Switching roommates is hard because it is a change. You get used to your old roommate being around all the time and will have to adjust to your new one. But it is not the end of the world. For me and my old roommate it was very beneficial. She has her own room now and can whoever she wants come over when she please without having to worry about whether or not I am sleep, just got out of the shower, or studying. She also gets to play One Direction as much as she would like. It’s beneficial for me because I have a new roommate that I get along very well with. We are even thinking about getting a pet together, one that can fit in the permitted 10 gallon tank of course.

We made the switch by simply talking to our RA. I left a note for the RA who then contacted me when she was free. She talked to both me and my roommate separately. She asked us questions like why we wanted to change rooms and asked how we tried to work it out. She also had to check with my new roommate just to make sure all of this was okay with her. Finally, she talked to the both of us, and asked us to be civil with each other and try to maintain some sort of friendship if we could. After this I was able to go to Res. Life, located in Krasa, and get the key to my new room, for a small fee. This process took about 4 days.

All in all, while it seems like switching roommates is something that would be scary, sometimes it is the best option. Staying with a roommate that you cannot seem to get along with can dramatically impact your experience here and Benedictine. The process was awkward and difficult at times but it was defiantly a good decision. Now, instead of dealing with the stress of daily arguments, me and my old roommate can live peacefully and enjoy our stay here at BenU.


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