Bringing Awareness for Organ Donation

Organ Donation is a fragile topic to talk about with family or something to consider yourself.  Currently I attended a leadership meeting, where I came across a presentation done by two gentleman talking about organ donation. When I was in there I was wondering what does this presentation has to do with being a leader, but at the end I came to understand that being a leader is for any situation at any job.  One of the two gentleman named Dan, came up to the stand and talked about his wife and how she worked with the organ transplant organization called “Life Goes On”, which is an organization sponsored by our Secretary of State, Jesse White.  As years passed, his wife become sick so they went to the doctor and had a misfortune news; his wife had problems with her kidneys, which lead to her needing a kidney transplant. The job that she had been doing for a while, was becoming part of her life. Unfortunately, she battled her disease for two months and she passed away do to the fact that the doctors couldn’t find a match for her kidneys. Last year alone, 300 people died do to unavailability of have organ donors. Everyone can register to become a organ donor by age 18 and once becoming 21 and get a new licence, then the organ donor sticker will go on the driver licence. Becoming an organ donor is the greatest gift that anyone can have.  There can be some restrictions do to religion beliefs, but other than that, I believe everyone should consider of becoming an organ donor.  Giving someone a life  to live is the most amazing thing that anyone could do.  Some families may think that becoming an organ donor will not be a part of peaceful afterlife, but I believe that once becoming an organ donor and passing, the person lives in another body giving it life.  Humans are all connected with one another, one way or another we are going to die, and being an organ donor, your spirit will live in another persons body.  Recently “Life goes on” campaign, attended University of Illinois, for raise awarness for organ donation, and almost 3,000 students registered to become organ donors.  This record, broke the Guinness World Records for most students registered to become Organ Donors.  Next fall Benedictine University will be hosting the same event and hopefully we can break the record set by UOI! If interested in becoming organ donors the link for “Life Goes on Campaign” is Become an organ donor and save a life!


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