How to Live on a College Budget

We all know how expensive college is and we all know the feeling of when we have to pay that huge tuition bill. Here are some tips on how to survive after paying tuition.

1. Limit the amount of times you eat out. If you live on campus, you will most likely have a meal plan so use it. Plus, when college students eat out it is usually fast food which is unhealthy. Eating out can be one of the most largest costs of a college student.
2. If you have a car and you pay for gas yourself. Limit the times you drive places. We all know how expensive gas is these days and especially in the cold weather your car will use more gas than during the summer months.
3. Go to the dollar store. The Dollar Store has a lot of good items. If you live in Founders or Neuzil and you need cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towel, or food the dollar place has it all.
4. Go to Free Events. A good way to have fun on a college budget is to go to the events that are offered by the Programming Board. Once a month you can see a free movie at Ogden 6 Theater or another example is free ice skating at Seven Bridges Ice Arena. Another way to save money is to rent a movie from RedBox and use the candy or popcorn you bought from the Dollar Store!
5. The last thing that will help you survive on a college budget is to Get a Job. Whether you find a job on campus or find one off campus, a job can be very beneficial for survival. It is always nice to have a little extra cash in the wallet.

These are some tips for saving money while living on a college budget.


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