balancing out time

Many college students have barley enough time to let alone sleep try adding in working out, a job, homework and other house hold dorm chores. I know personally on certain days i have to priorities which is very important you need to realize which one is more important, Working out or studying for your midterm… definitely the MIDTERM. There are a few little things you can due though to get that work out in or that nap. One thing i do for a quick work out if i can’t make it to the gym is Youtube work out videos, i tend to do these a lot on saturday or sunday when i either have way to much to do and to little or time or am just to lazy to walk there due to weather. some of my favorite videos are
1- Ten pound slim down kick boxing
2- 40 minute core work out
3- yoga
4- p90x- more intense but a great work out
5- zumba
These are just a few of the many videos you can find on youtube that can You also can allow yourself to have an off day even two so look into your schedule and figure out what classes you know are going to have a heavy homework load and make those your off day at the gym.


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