What You Need to Know About Living in Neuzil

For those of you who just signed-up for housing and have reserved a spot for Neuzil and haven’t lived there before, here are some things you might want to know about living there. This is my second semester living there as a sophomore and I believe it’s definitely an upgrade from the freshman dorms.

1) You have way more room! The rooms are much bigger even if you de-bunk your beds. My roommate and I fit everything we had in our Jaeger dorm in one Neuzil room with space to spare. Even if you share the walk-in closet with four people, you still can fit plenty of stuff. I recommend getting hanging shelves for your closet so that you have even more space. If you bunk your beds, you’ll have a ton of room and you can probably even fit a nice couch. But, many people get sick of the bunked beds as the year goes on because the person on the top bunk can’t easily access their bed.

2) Cleaning the bathroom can be a pain. In your freshman dorm, you had cleaning people to make sure the bathroom always stayed clean. In Neuzil, the bathroom won’t clean itself so you’ll need cleaning supplies. I strongly recommend getting a bathroom spray with bleach in it because the showers can easily grow mold. But, lucky for you, you get free toilet paper from your RA. Always keeps the shower curtain tucked in because the floor can easily flood and you could seriously injure your roommates.

3) Neuzil has a laundry website! Right now Neuzil is the only building that has a website for the laundry room. If you go on it tells you which washers and dryers are available as well as how long each one has. You can also set it up so it texts you when your laundry is done. This will save you trips up and down the stairs. People to have the tendency to move your things out of washers and dryers since there is only 4 of each and there’s a lot more people living in Neuzil than the freshman dorms.

4) It takes you approximately 6 minutes to get from Nuezil to Kindlon or Birck. I timed this one out. This is if you walk at a slightly brisk pace. I guess it’s pretty nerdy that I timed it, but it might come in handy when you’re running late :).

5) It gets hot. Most of the rooms have a pretty strong heater so if you get hot easily like me, leaving the heat on for too long can make your room boil. My roommate and occasionally have to turn the heat off even when its freezing outside. The bigger windows in Neuzil can also make it hot during warming weather so I recommend bringing a fan.

6) The walls are a little thin. If you know your living next to loud people in Neuzil next year, I recommend not trying to study in your room. If people are shouting or aren’t using their indoor voices, you can usually hear them pretty clearly through the wall. This didn’t bother me too much, but I usually if i just banged on the wall they tended to become more quiet :).

I hope this helps you prepare for living in the suite style dorms next year! Some people like Neuzil so much they even stay there an extra few years. Peace, love and happy housing!


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