Spring Break is so close…

The long winter months seam like they’re never going to end here in the Midwest. But spring  break is just around the corner, you can practically smell the warm weather! With such a long winter it seams like you’ll never get a break, the stretch of returning from winter break to spring break is a tough time for students. The snow and darker days make going to class and everyday activities such a task for students. They get into a rut where they just want to be done with school. Spring break is just the break they need to take their mind off things.

With nicer weather finally making its way here students need to remember that school is still their top priority. Though spring break is just around the corner, staying focused in all of your classes will ensure that you do not start to fall behind, or have a ton of work to do over break because you slacked before break. On a happier note, spring break is all about having fun! No school, road trips, spending time with friends and just having fun. Some spring break ideas include..

  • Road trips
  • Any place with a beach(PCB)
  • Spending the weekend with friends
  • Camping
  • Catching up on all your shows
  • Just relaxing at home
  • Wisconsin Dell
  • Visiting family members

Whatever you decide on doing for spring break, remembering to have your work done before break will make for a more relaxed break for you. Less stress and more time to enjoy your time off. So just when you think the semester couldn’t drag anymore, just remember that spring break is oh so close and in no time you’ll be out of school, relaxing somewhere. It’ll all be worth the cold winter month in the long run!


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