March Madness!!!

The college basketball season is winding down and once the conference tournaments are finished up, the real tournament starts! Filling out March Madness brackets is one of the best things that happens in March. Even if you don’t pay attention to college basketball you should still fill out a bracket. You never know how many games you will get correct and who knows, maybe you will win some money from your friends, relatives,, ESPN, or even Warren Buffet. What I am talking about is that if you enter your bracket on certain websites you could win money for getting the most games correct. Warren Buffet and Quicken Loans will be giving away 500 million dollars each for a total of 1 billion dollars to the person that gets every game correct. Wouldn’t that be a nice spring gift!

Some important dates to know are:
Selection Sunday (pray that your team make the top 64): March 16
First Game (make sure your bracket is filled out prior to this date): March 18
Pay Attention each week until the Final Four on April 5
National Championship (hopefully you chose the correct two teams): April 7

Even if you don’t pay attention to college basketball, get your friends together and have everyone fill out a bracket for a small fee and have the winner take the money of use the money to have a party for the National Championship.
(Remember, anything can happen and you never know which underdog is going to make it all the way!)


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