Winter fashion…since its not over yet!!

Since winter seams to still be in full effect here in the Midwest, winter fashion trends are still on the rise. There’s no better time than winter to show off scarves, sweaters, layers and winter boots. If one word could sum up this winter it would be that it has been BRUTAL! People are looking for winter fashion that offers a mix of comfort, style, practicality and cost. Staying warm while looking FABULOUS has never been easier!With knowledge of what works and a little creativity anyone can beat this long, cold winter.

  1. BOOTS, I repeat, BOOTS! No matter if you are a guy or girl, winter boots are the way to go this season. They offer great protection from the massive amounts of snow while keeping all the little piggy’s warm! Winter boots range in styles and you can find them for any price at just about every store. Thigh high, above the knee, ankle,  combat..the list goes on. Winter boots takes any look to the next level. You can cuff your pants to right above the boot, drape them over, tuck them in or wear leggings-which most girls do.
  2. Sweater: Like the song says, its sweater weather! We’re not talking about your run of the mill grandma sweaters people. Brands are really embracing the sweater trend. You can find a sweater with many patterns, in different colors and styles. The range in sweaters vary with both guys and girls.From chunky to fuzzy, knitted to cashmere and over sized, your options on sweaters are limitless. You can either wear a sweater over a regular T, or dress it up with a button-downed shirt and/or bowtie/tie. This look lets you stay warm and cozy while remaining office appropriate.
  3. Scarves! These are something that never seam to go out of style. With the cold winter months we’ve seen this year scarves have been more than helpful. They keep your neck and face warm and protected from the elements while still being able to be stylish. Like sweaters, the material and style of scarfs you can choose are limitless. With it being so cold you would want to go for something that was a lot thicker. Infinity scarves are very popular among wearers. You can wear them with just about anything and add depth to your outfit.
  4. LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS!! With it being so cold, layers will soon become your bestfriend. There are SO many options when it comes to layering. Adding layers does not necessarily mean you have to look ridiculous walking out of the house.  Adding an over sized cardigan to a simple T, or dress shirt on top of wearing an infinity scarf screams winter!! There is literally no limit as to what you are able to do with layers. And the best part is, if you get too hot or too cold you can always add or take away more. I’d say that’s a win-win for everyone.

The fashion choices of the winter are still in full effect and no time is better than now to take advantage of the many fashion possibilities that you can take. So go out there and try something new. Add a pop of color, try on layers, tuck your boots and go out and buy a knitted sweater. Chances are you’ll get noticed and complimented on your great sense of winter fashion. Becoming comfortable in your own skin allows you to go out and try new things in your wardrobe!! Happy shopping 🙂


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