O Fun, Fun! Wherefore art thou Fun?

Are you sitting in your room, staring at the walls, bored out of your mind?

                     You’re not alone!

When Boredom strikes it tends to not only make its victims miserable and restless but it causes us to be unable to think of anything to relieve it.

If you ever find yourself in boredom’s death-grip just follow theses simple steps:

  • Take a deep breath
  • And keep on reading

When I’m bored and I’m trying to figure out something I can do by myself or with my friends, sometimes my mind goes blank. I throw my hands up in the air in exasperation and groan before declaring that there is absolutely nothing to do. To save you from this same fate this list has been created.

Brought to you from the depths of a mind tortured by boredom comes this life saving list!

(Please be advised:  these ideas can be adapted and improved, I am not at fault for any injuries/problems that are caused by these ideas no lifeguard on duty so swim at your own risk mandate, if using these ideas please follow all Benedictine University rules, and be considerate of others)

Indoor fun!

  • Gather a couple of your friends together and go on a scavenger hunt through the dorm. (Just be considerate of the other students who might be studying or napping)
  • Play on the Wii by yourself or with friends (Challenge your friends to a sports competition or have a tournament with your favorite game)
  • Get some friends together and play a card game: Apples to Apples, speed ( have an epic tournament), Kings corner, garbage, spoons, Rummy, or even go fish.
  • Have a movie marathon in your room-make it realistic: dim the lights and pop some popcorn
  • Have any books you’ve been meaning to read? Now’s the perfect time to start them
  • Or gasp! The dreaded homework! You can start on it now and get it out of the way so on the days you would normally be cramming you can enjoy the day and do something else on this list
  • You could also take the extra time you have and use it to organize your room.
  • If you’re feeling nice take sticky notes and write little notes on them and stick them on the doors of your friend’s room. If you’re feeling especially nice write notes and stick them on doors of people you don’t know.
  • Don’t want to stay in your room but can’t think of anything fun to do?

       Never fear!!

  • Have a campus wide scavenger hunt
  • Go and see a movie-Ogden movie theater is only a short drive away
  • Go bowling with friends Lisle Lanes (4920 Lincoln Ave. Lisle) and Brunswick Zone (1555 E. 75th street, Woodridge)
  • Just take a walk around campus. Look around, smell the proverbial roses.
  • Go to the Rice and Ada center and workout-get your blood flowing!
  • Explore the campus buildings. Go somewhere you haven’t seen yet.
  • Check out the Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum or the Art Gallery.
  • Go over to Coal Ben with some friends and try to start a dancing competition or just well…eat good food.

You can also check your Office 365 email for your “This Week at BenU” email and see whats happening around campus. Go see a game, basketball, lacrosse, etc. See if there are any bake sales or fun events and go check them out. Try something new.

I hope I’ve at least given you a start off point for ideas of things to do.  Twist them around, change them up, or make them into what you want.

Stay safe and have fun!


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