Dealing with school food

Many people come to college and they cant wait for the cafeteria and the restaurant on campus but many realize after a few weeks, burgers, fries and a cold mountain dew can get old fast. When i came to benedictine i couldn’t wait for the food and to be on my own not having to deal with what my mom made every night but after about a month i was very sick of the cafeteria food and sincerely missed my moms amazing italian cooking. But there are a few things you can do to get that fix of home cooked meals.
1) go home for a weekend- this is an obvious fix to craving your home cooked food but for people out of state don’t have it that easily.
2) go out to dinner with some friends- its a great way to get off campus and catch up with your friends.
3) cook at a friends apartment if you know someone in founders.
4) if your from out of state maybe one of your friends that lives close to campus can take you home for a meal, i know I’ve brought some of my friends from out of state home and they loved it!
5) change up what you eat at krasa or coal ben- get something you haven’t tried before! you may like it, you never know and if you don’t they will let you trade it for something else.
6) go to a grocery store and pick up pre prepared meals- I love this because i am obsessed with whole foods and they have a whole section of pre made food like =, pizza, pasta, salad bar, sandwiches basically everything and is affordable.
7) order a pizza with your girlfriends or with your buds just to hang out
These are just a few things you can do to get out of the pattern of eating school food!


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