A New Way of Choosing Glasses!

Many student either choose to wear contacts or have glasses. I personally need glasses to read or to see from far away.  As time goes on, and its time to change the style of our glasses, then we need to go to our doctor and get a new pair which cost a lot of money if you do not have insurance.  Glasses can go from $100-400, which from some can be very expensive.  As I came in to work, I made a new friend name Lizzie and I was telling her about how expensive glasses have gotten, then she told me that she has a solution! There is a website http://www.warbyparker.com that we can find glasses for much much less! Not only are the glasses very fashionable, but they are also cheaper than the glasses at the store.

Baxter Catalina Blue Eyeglasses

These are a pair of glasses that are in style and they are only $95.00 including the lenses and the shipping! I recently have been loving the new styles especially the ones posted up.  There are all different styles as well…

Chamberlain Saddle Sage Eyeglasses


Next time you shop for glasses, make sure you check out this website first and check out the prices! Have fun shopping!


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  1. Very interesting article.
    Thanks for sharing article.

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