Study Break: Baby Animals

I’ve had many posts about academics, but since study breaks are so important, I think it’s time I blog about something that will clear your mind from school.  In my opinion, nothing relieves stress more than looking at really adorable things that melt your heart. So, without further ado, here are my rankings of the cutest baby animals that you might not have known were so cute. If you haven’t gotten your daily dose of cute yet, here it is.

10) Baby Hedgehog

Cute baby hedgehog.  This thing is basically begging you to love it. You really want to get one now don’t you?

9) Baby Panda

180° Baby Panda :) ... Not only are baby pandas adorable in general, but they’re even cute upside-down. Baby pandas obviously have way more fun than you do.

8)  Baby Sloths

Endangered Cuteness - This Baby Sloth Is Just Hanging Out #cute #animals The best thing about baby sloths is that you can tell they’re enjoying life. Lazy baby animals are extra adorable.

7) Baby Turtles

cute baby animals | cute baby turtle hand animal fabulous orange funny pics pictures pic ... Yep, I bet you didn’t think reptiles could be cute in any way. But they are. Just like this turtle who knows he’s adorable.

6) Baby Koala

Sleepy baby koala… You know what’s really cute? Cuddling. You know what’s even cuter? A Koala cuddling a tree. You’re welcome.

5) Baby Finger Monkey

Finger monkey :) I’m not even sure if this is considered a baby, but it fits around your finger and that’s all that matters :).

4) Baby Pig (Tea cup pig)

Tea Cup Pig! bahhh! i want one This is one of those cute baby animals that you just want to try and put in things to make it even cuter. Just imagine this in a cup. Or a boot. Or your purse. Are you feeling less stressed yet?

3) Baby Wombat

Baby Wombat, another animal only found in Australia. They get big and are great at burrowing! @Sorrel Chandler Introducing, the baby wombat! This furry delight comes all the way from Australia. Sadly you probably can’t have one, but you might be able to go to the Brookfield Zoo and see one!

2) Baby Quokka

Quokka. Imagine a fuzzy adorable friendly playful miniature kangaroo--I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE!!!!!This little buddy has a PERMANENT smile on his face. If this doesn’t warm your heart, I might have to assume you have no soul.

1) And last, but certainly not least……. The BABY OTTER!!!

Otter pup cuddles - @Alicia T McGowan !!!!!!! If you couldn’t tell, this is my favorite animal of all time. I’m not sure if there is anything else to say. Just look at it and let the cute wash over you.

I hope that if you started reading this in not the greatest of moods, that you feel a little cheerier now. School is difficult, but the baby animals of the world can most certainly get you through it :).


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