Police Tracking us on a Road trip…??

In the recent news there is a great new debate! The topic of the debate is the police and FBI want to track people down and see where they are going even when taking a road trip.  Their theory is that by doing so, then the people will be more safe and by tracking them there will also be less crimes.  This is also another way for the police to track the bad guys on the loose.  At the same time people are concerned about their privacy and the police invading their privacy. Based on the Constitution, there there is an amendment that protects peoples rights and their privacy. People feel as if the reason that everyone is being watched is because of the high crime rate, but also they feel like they are suffering the consequences that other people have done. I personally travel all the time with my family and I think that by having the FBI tracking us whenever we decide to take a trip will be kind of weird and uncomfortable. We take trips to Canada all the time, and I wonder even when I travel to another country, would they still track me? It’s not that me and my family have committed anything for us to be tracked, I would totally understand if they decided to track someone that has committed many crimes. I believe that at the end of the day, safety is most important than anything.  If it takes to invade a privacy to be safe, then so be it.  Knowing that someone is tracking you down can put us in an uncomfortable place, but some people may also say that being safe is what is more important then anything.  Now a days there are many crimes everywhere around us, and we don’t know the person that is even sitting next to us. If you were to choose which side would you be on? Having your privacy or letting the FBI tracking where you go?….


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