Join SAAC!

If you’re a student athlete at Benedictine and are looking for a club to join, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is the perfect club for you. This club holds events around campus in order to better the student-athlete experience. If you are a leader in your sport you should definitely join, but non-athletes can certainly join as well because  the events held are meant for everyone to participate in. Recently, some of my cross-country/track teammates and I have joined because many of SAAC’s members are graduating next year. We are looking for every sport to be represented in SAAC. If you are interested in joining, contact Emma Berndt or Patrick Ives (President and Vice President) or even me :). The club is flexible and meets about 2 times a month, except when we have an event coming up and we might need to meet more.

SAAC is led by the students and is meant to better the student-athlete experience. We work to create better facilities and more opportunities for athletes on campus. Some of the upcoming events we are interested in holding this semester are a campus clean-up and a Coaches’ Olympics.  We are working on these events right now so if you’d like to have a say, come to a meeting as soon as possible. Many of these events include food or prizes :). This could be a great thing to put on a resume because it shows your leadership abilities. Meeting will most likely be held during lunch times, but the group is very flexible. Like I said, many of the club members are graduating, so in the upcoming year we will be looking for people to take over leadership roles in the club (President, VP, Treasurer, etc.). We are the link between the athletes and the athletic board members at the school and we can inform them on what we need. One of the things in the works is a student-athlete lounge in Rice, where people can hang out in between class and practice or have meetings.

This club has a lot of potential to do some great things, and it won’t take much time out of your busy schedule. So all in all,  if you want to get your voice heard and work on fun events, join SAAC :).


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